Venus T5J The RAID array holding my Zimbra mailserver and all email is a Venus T5J (DS-2350J) that has been running for about three years. On 4 Oct 2012 there was a power outage lasting much longer than the UPS battery powering the T5. When the power was restored the T5 did not power on.
Venus T5 CD Files (manuals etc.)

Power Supply

Venus T5 Power Supply Dead power supply. The empty area at the rear had a 50-pin connector that plugs into the T5's backplane.

T5 Backplane

Venus T5 backplane rear Venus T5 backplane rear Visible traces plus some inference led me to determine the purpose of the 50-pin connector's pins (right to left):

  • 4 pins: AC in
  • 4 missing pins: gap
  • 4 pins: AC in
  • 4 missing pins: gap
  • 2 pins: no connection
  • 12 pins: Ground
  • 10 pins: +5 volts
  • 10 pins: +12 volts

Rewired ATX Power Supply

Rewired connector Rewired ATX Power Supply All wires from an ATX power supply except for the 20-pin mainboard connector were bundled together in groups:

  • Black: ground
  • Red: +5 volt
  • Yellow: +12 volt
and connected to the appropriate sets of pins on the connector removed from the original T5 power supply.

Venus T5 External Power

Venus T5 Externally Powered Venus T5 External Power CloseUp Venus T5 External Power Venus T5 Power Cavity The green wire on the ATX 20-pin connector was jumpered to ground to signal that power should be turned on. With the AC disconnected, the ATX power supply was plugged in to Venus T5.
When the ATX power supply was turned on, the Venus T5 initially displayed just two red lights. After about 20 seconds, the red lights went out and the green started lighting up. Within a minute everything looked normal.


Everything Running

The Zimbra mailserver was plugged back into the Venus T5 and powered on. It booted up normally and proceeded to receive all the queued up email and provide the web client for email accounts.